Why we started FenceForPontoons.com

Posted by Paul Myers on

FenceForPontoons.com was started with the idea that pontoon boats very seldom go bad.  With the price of new pontoon boats rising every year why spend $50,000 or more to purchase a new pontoon boat.  You can easily remake your pontoon with new flooring, furniture, and fence making it look the same as a brand new pontoon boat for as little as $5000.  We use the just right mentality when it comes to our pontoon railings, we do not bend the corners as a solid piece using a $500,000 bending machine.  Instead we pre-make our fence rails and all of our pieces are modular.  This allows us to make a quality fence package for 1/4 of the price of going to the manufacturer.   We do not due custom fence work which keeps our costs down and our quality up.  If you cant find a package that will work for your pontoon boat, don't worry contact us by email at sales@pontoonfence.com or call us at (877)294-3395 and we can work you up a package that will fit your needs.  

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