Shipping Damage

We occasionally run into problems and we’d like everyone to understand what our policies are.

Shipping Damage– We usually ship via FedEx. Replacement rolls of paneling as well as whole fence packages or parts. Shipping damage has been an issue for eight years. We’ve gotten pretty good at packaging but when a driver throws aluminum off a truck onto a concrete driveway anything can happen. You’ll recognize a crushed corner on a box or puncture in a paneling right away. Often the driver will deliver and you may not be home. Contact us right away. We’ll usually ask for a picture, and e mail works best. Our policy is your satisfaction 100% guaranteed so don’t worry.

Damage to a Roll-Our usual policy is to replace the entire roll, usually shipping the next day. However there may be instances where the customer can salvage the damage roll. If you’ve got a 24” tall panel and you’re going to cut it down to 18”, damage on the top few inches might not matter. Replacement shipping will cost us money, sending the new one and returning the old one. We usually offer customers a discount if they can work with the damaged coil. Sometimes the damage can be cut away as scrap and you get a discount.

Damage to the top corner of the panel roll.   Sometimes you can cut down that end and still have enough to do your pontoon boat.   

Damage to Fence– Like paneling our policy is your complete satisfaction. Fence usually needs to be replaced when damaged but there are instances when it can still be used if the damage is slight. Scratches or blemishes on the inside panel that may be covered by furniture could be acceptable. It’s always up to the customer but we have costs in shipping and returning replacement pieces so a discount is usually available.

Ordered Wrong, Shipped Wrong- We don’t have many problems with items shipped wrong but do seem to have a few problems where complete packages are ordered wrong or the customer wants to change something. It’s not really a problem for us. Our fence is assembled from components so if you want to switch 24” gates for 28” gates, we just ship the bigger gates and put the smaller ones back in stock. If you change your mind on something there may be some additional shipping for the switch but we keep it reasonable, at our cost.
Returns-Occasionally a customer will end up with a piece of fence they don’t need. We will restock it and refund your purchase price but you must pay the return shipping. If this happens, contact us and we’ll help with the return shipping costs. Shipping a large piece of fence is expensive, but we receive the best rates. You’ll still have to pay our costs but instead of the cost of shipping from a Fed Ex/UPS store, we’ll get you our good rate and it will save you money.