Replacing Fence Panel

Read over these step-by-step suggestions to help replace your old dented or scratched aluminum paneling with our new paneling!

 Step 1: Remove any screws or pop-rivets that attach the damaged aluminum to the railing.

Step 2: Using a flat scraper, pry open the lips that pinch the aluminum paneling to the rails. Make sure to do this along the whole rail section.

Step 3: Using a rubber mallet, knock out the damaged paneling section.

Step 4: Apply foam tape beneath the lips of the railing. The foam tape keeps the paneling from vibrating against the rails.

Step 5 & 6: Measure and score the aluminum paneling to the size that you need to replace.

Step 7: Place the scored piece on a sturdy edge, and bend the aluminum back-and-forth until the aluminum breaks apart.

Step 8: Apply the double-sided fence tape on the ends of the rails. Make sure to press firm on the tape, and clean the area before hand with rubbing alcohol for a firm adhesion.

Step 9: Slide the new paneling in-between the lips of the rails.

Step 10 & 11: Remove the backing to the fence tape, and pound down the lips of the rail using a rubber mallet.   Slowly work across the lip back and forth, bending a small amount at a time to keep it looking even.  

Finished Gate after replacing the damaged aluminum paneling.

*In some cases, using a lubricant such as WD-40 may need to be used so that the paneling will slide between the rails. Make sure to wipe all the excess lubricant after installation so that it won’t eat away the powder coat finish on the rails.