Measuring and Planning

How wide and how long is your pontoon boat deck?

90% of the pontoons built before 2008 were 96” (8’) wide. But, just to be sure measure the width, some older Crest and JC pontoons were 8’6”. How long is your deck? Not the pontoon tubes, but the deck. Decks are usually sheets of 4’ wide plywood and are often 12', 16’, 20’ or 24’+. The length of the deck determines the length of your fence.


Pontoon Deck Size

Our fence is modular and can be bolted together in varying lengths but the widths are generally limited to 8’ or 8’ 6”. Our fence packages are approximately 93” or 99” wide.

If you are putting a new fence playpen on an old boat, don’t be constrained by the layout of the old fence. Modern boats have larger stern seating areas with less seating in the bow. Design your new playpen with the side gates further forward to allow more seating in the stern. If you have special needs like a wider gate for a wheelchair, we can handle it. 


Pontoon Fence Paneling

                    Paneling on the outside                           Paneling on the inside


We can build your new pontoon fence in either configuration. Modern boats have the paneling on the outside, which gives you more options for graphics. But the fence is more susceptible to scratching or damage. Most of the older boats had the paneling on the inside. If you are trying to match or replace pieces of pontoon fence on an older boat you’ll probably want the paneling on the inside.


Damaged Pontoon Boat Railing

 If you’re trying to replace a damaged section it’s often necessary to replace both the port and starboard sections, even though one side may not be damaged. Work from the gates forward (or backward).

What if the size I need is not one you offer?

We are not a custom manufacturer.  If you can-not assemble the configuration of the pontoon fence you want from out stock pieces, we unfortunately cannot help.


This older boat has a stern area of only about 6’ behind the side gates. There is no room for seating in the stern. Yet, there is a large open deck in the bow, almost 5’.  By inserting a fence section behind the side gates, you could have a much larger interior playpen.  Pontoon railing example

 If you wish to increase the length of your playpen, you can add sections in front or behind the side gates.  Move the old fence forward to reduce the front bow area.  These are the first four things you’ll want to decide about your new fence.  Width and length, Paneling on the outside or inside, and what color fence paneling.



It is the responsibility of the installer to mount and secure replacement pontoon fence in a safe manner that conforms to Coast Guard and local safety standards. supplies only general guidelines as to how replacement fence should be installed. Generally, our fence is sold to replace old pontoon fence.  If the old fence was installed properly, the new fence should be also. But, it is up to the installer to make certain that it is installed safely, with no loose parts, sharp edges, etc. Safety pinch guards (supplied) must be installed on gates. is not responsible for fence improperly or unsafely installed.