Replacement Pontoon Fence Paneling

We’ve been selling replacement pontoon fence paneling for twenty years. We originally sold vinyl. It was easy to work with and inexpensive. But we discovered it expanded and contracted in the sun. Consequently it should be screwed or pop riveted into the fence. In many cases it resulted in a puckered look as the vinyl will expand and contract in the sun.

Puckered vinyl on a rebuild. The fence looks much worse than shown in the picture.

Some older boats had corrugated fence paneling. Most new boats have smooth paneling. It’s easier to work with and takes more deluxe graphics. Most people rebuilding want the rebuilt boat to look like a new boat not the old. We sold corrugated fence paneling but ran into difficulties shipping it. It can’t be rolled in pieces much larger than 12’. Customer generally have less scrap when paneling is bought in larger rolls. Corrugated fence panel has been around for years as a way to use a thinner aluminum and add strength to it, the problem with the corrugated is when you roll it for shipping you often cant get the bends out of the metal when it comes time to install it.   The corrugated material isn’t really “stronger”, our smooth panel is .030" thick, if corrugated it is called .032" but the corrugation makes it much harder to work with.  Working replacement panel around corners is the hardest part of the job.  Customers complained that the corrugated is much harder to work with.

Most new boat builders use .030 smooth fence panel, we decided that’s what we should be selling. The real cost in replacing fence paneling is the labor. A couple hundred dollars for material is nothing compared to the time and labor of replacing the paneling. We want you to only have to do it once, not every couple of years.

Our Fence Panel ships out via FedEx ground and comes rolled up in a box for ease of use.   Orders placed by 2pm Eastern Time ship from our Elkhart, IN facility the same day via FedEx Ground.

Don't worry if you do not see the height you need, our fence panel is easily trimmed down to size.  See how to trim and replace your fence panel here