Installing SunDeck Pads

Installation of the Sundeck Cushion

The Full Sundeck packages from includes two comer pads and a rectangle center pad. The Stem Entry Sundeck uses the same pads except it only has one comer pad for the left rear of the pontoon boat. The following instructions are for installing those pads.    Your regular Sundeck comes with the following parts.

3- Piano Hinges, use one per pad to allow the pads to be lifted up. 2-Gas Struts with   mounts

2-Gray Plastic clips

Step 1.   Start by laying the pads across your sundeck.  Once you have the fit desired for your cushions you can begin the installation process.

Step 2. Starting with the center cushion, install the piano hinge on the back of your fence closest to the interior of your pontoon boat with the provided self-tapping screws. This will allow for the center cushion to be lifted out of the way when tilting your motor up.  Install the plastic clips to the back side of the center cushion to lock the center cushion in place on the interior sides of the U style comer fence.

Step 3.  The side cushions install with the hinge on the top of the Sundeck U rail on the very back of the pontoon boat (away from the interior). Once the hinge is mounted on the rail, screw the hinge into the cushion.  Install the Flat ball mount on the inside of the Sun-Deck U towards the back.  The Angled Ball Mount gets mounted to the cushion.                

*Important note.  The gas strut must be mounted so that it is completely flat when in the down position.  Otherwise the cushion will want to lift back up.