Our Fence Specifications

The Burgundy and Blue have a high gloss (shiny) quality to them.
We do not offer additional colors. Colonial White, Blue, Black or Burgundy ONLY.

Panel Color Options:

-1 1/4” (.080) aluminum tube coated with a powder-cote gray/silver finish.
-The powder cote seals the raw aluminum so that you won’t get black marks on swim suits or clothing.
*If you scratch the pontoon rail, touch up paint is available.
-Pontoon railing has a vertical support brace every 30"
The fence is reinforced to support a person should someone sit on it (not recommended).
-When purchased as a complete package, all holes are pre-drilled for attaching the individual sections together and for fastening the bottom to the deck.
Drilling holes in the fence before installation can be difficult, especially with the fence paneling installed. Visit the Fence Installation Tips page for ways to bolt down the fence.

Fence is held in place with a lip at the top and bottom. Fence Tape secures the corners and reinforce's the vertical ribs.

-Aluminum Tube is .080 wall
-Aluminum Paneling is .032 gauge
-Powder-Cote finish is Stardust Silver (technical name).
-Fence is 26" Tall, Panel goes from bottom up to 18".

Our pontoon fence packages vary by length but are usually a few inches narrower than the deck.
Most plywood decks are 96” with 1 1/2” to 3” deck trim along each edge. If you have unusually
wide deck trim, wider than 3” you may want a narrower playpen (we’ll use narrower gates).