19'7" Square Stern Fence Package

  • $2,235.00

Our 19'7" Square Stern Pontoon Fence Package is perfect for 8' wide boats with 20'-22' pontoon boat deck lengths.  It has a square stern saving you money by using a 92" piece across the back instead of two corners and gate piece.  The 19'7" package includes one 92" piece across the back, a 92" panel up each side, a 28" side gate, another 92" straight piece forward of the side gate and a left and right corner on the bow.   All Pontoon Fence complete packages come with all needed hardware to mount the package to your pontoon boat.  Choose paneling on the inside or the outside, and your choice of four color options on the panel, Indigo Blue, Wineberry (Burgundy), Gloss Black, or White Metallic.  Or if you do not see the color you like you can order the package and install your own fence panel for complete customization.

*Note: You will be required to drill rear 92" section to attach to side fence pieces.  

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