Underdeck Pontoon Ladder (AL-UDL5)

  • $219.00

Stows beneath the deck, between the pontoons in the front of your pontoon boat.
The swimmer pulls the boarding ladder out. Slides into storage from atop the pontoon front deck.  Ladder is a 5 step model and extends down at a easily climbed angle, extends 59" below the deck.  

  • 5 step Extends 59” below the deck
    Ideal for boats with big pontoon tubes
  • Steps are 12 1/2” wide x 2” deep
    Easy on the feet, wider than many sold by competition
  • Mounts to cross channel beneath the deck
    Hardware included, but you must drill holes
  • Will not interfere with most lift pontoon trailers
    Mounts in the center between pontoons
  • Doesn’t take up storage space on deck
    Totally out of the way
  • Rated up to 300 lbs.

To mount you’ll need a 5/16” drill. There are flanges on the front of the pontoon ladder that mount on the front cross member of the pontoon. Then depending on the spacing of the cross members, some are 18” others are 24”, attach the back of the under-deck pontoon ladder to the second or third cross member. Drill the holes and use the stainless steel 5/16” bolts with lock nuts (included) to attach the ladder to the cross member. Try and line up the pontoon ladder so that it is exactly in the center of the pontoon tubes. The ladder is 16” wide by 60” long and will not interfere with many models of center lift pontoon trailers. But, if a boat dealer stores your pontoon boat using a center lift style trailer, you may want to make sure his trailer will fit before purchasing the under-deck pontoon ladder.