Pontoon Under Deck Lights

  • $179.00

     Illuminate the water at night with your new LED Pontoon Boat Light Kit.  These Blue LED Lights are rated for marine environments.  These are the same LED Light seen on pontoon boat manufactured today!  We do not sell the color changing RGB LED Under Deck light kits because they are not coast guard approved.  Our pontoon boat underdeck light will accommodate any pontoon boat.  No need to worry about the lights being too short we have you covered.  We have two sizes 20' long and 24' long kits.   
     We have carefully hand selected a true Marine Grade LED Pontoon Boat Light Kit.  After testing many light strips we have come up with the perfect combination of LED Lighting and Mounting Track that is easy to install.  We now carry a thicker and stronger light strip, our 50/50 Pontoon Boat Light Strip is one of the brightest light strips we carry.

Each Kit Contains:
  • (2) 20' or 24' long Blue LED FLEX Light Strips.
  • Clear 4' Mounting Track with 3M VHB tape 10 for the 20' kit, and 12 for the 24' kit (our strips are clear not black as it will illuminate the light higher in the water)
  • Pigtails are included off the ends of the light strips to attach to your existing accessory harness
  • LED light strips marked approximately every 2" with a scissor mark, cut there if you need to cut to a shorter length.  Apply clear silicone to cut end.
  • In stock Ships within 24 Hours

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