Marine Carpet Glue

  • $39.95

Specifically formulated to work with marine-grade pontoon boat carpet and marine grade vinyl flooring.  Non-Solvent based glue designed for the rigors of marine use.  Each gallon covers a 8'6" x 10' section. If you try to use less glue than is recommended your glue will not bond to the carpet or vinyl and it will come up; create wrinkles, lines or bubbles across your pontoon's deck.  Use a 1/8" V notched trowel to lay glue down on deck for optimum performance.

NOTE: This adhesive will not work if you are trying to install vinyl flooring to an aluminum or fiberglass deck. You will require a solvent based glue for this application, water based glue needs to evaporate in order to form a bond and the vinyl with an aluminum/fiberglass deck will not allow the necessary airflow for bonding. You can find solvent based indoor/outdoor glue at any home improvement store.