Economy Replacement 8'x8' Pontoon Top Fabric

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This 8’ replacement fabric fits most 4 Bow 8’ x 8’ 1" frames.   Fabric is a 8oz yarn dyed polyester fabric with UV inhibitor and PU water resistant coating.  Fabric also has reinforced hole for stern light, and includes color matched storage boot.  We changed the wording from Universal Fit because some customers bought our fabric and “hoped” that it would fit.  Please look at the measurements supplied below.   Our replacement fabric will fit many 8’ x 8’ Four bow 1" frames, but it won’t fit them all. Again, please compare our measurements to your frame.  

Fabric includes color matched storage boot with hole for stern light.

The Economy Replacement Boat Top Fabric for 8' x 8' - 4 Bow 1"  Fits ONLY 1" FRAMES 
will not fit 1-1/4" frames (the pockets are too small)