16'4" Stern Entry Fence Package

  • $1,820.00

Upgrade your pontoon with a modern design that allows for access at the stern of the boat.  Use with a Stern ladder from DockandPontoonLadders.com for easy boarding from the water.  

The 16'4" Stern Entry Package is perfect for pontoon boats 18'-20' in length.  Specify 8' wide or 8'6" wide, also choose the color of panel you would like.   We offer four different panel color options of Blue, Black, Burgundy, and Colonial White.  You can even choose if your fence panel is on the inside of your fence rail or the outside.   

16' 3" Stern Entry Fence Pieces

  • 5-72" Straight Pieces
  • 1-Left Radius Corner
  • 1-Right Radius Corner
  • 3-28" Gates
  • 1-20" Gate
  • All Mounting Hardware

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