How our Fence is Made

            Unlike the new boat manufacturers, we use a more simplistic approach to fence building.   The manufacturers use a large half a million-dollar machine that bends each corner with the panel in the rail.   This allows for a smooth seamless corner that we try to come close to matching.   However, on our corner pieces you may see where our panel sits a little bit out from the fence rail.   We have our fence components built ahead of time and slide in the panel color of your choice.   Your fence is then sent through a pinch roller machine that bends the aluminum lip down securing the panel to the rail.   We also use L shaped edge protection to keep even the littlest boaters safe while on the water.   This may require you to drill out the holes to secure each panel to each other but we feel safety outweighs the slight inconvenience to you during the install process.   We strive at to offer a quality product at a fraction of the price of the fence purchased from the new boat manufacturers.