15.5" Tall, 20' Long Replacement Pontoon Fence Panel

  • $79.99

Our 15.5" tall 20' long replacement Fence panel.  15.5" tall panel is a closeout from the mill, they cut the panel at the wrong height for a local pontoon manufacturer so we are selling it for a discount.  It is .032" thick and comes in two colors, Wineberry and Black.  Our fence panel is the same thickness used by all major O.E.M. pontoon boat manufactures it is .032" thick.  We experimented with the thinner .020" aluminum panel but found out quickly that even though it is slightly easier to work with it dented very easily.  We also in the past carried vinyl fence panel but the first time you take your boat out on a hot day we found that the vinyl panel became wavy, Vinyl expands and contracts with different temperatures.  Fence panel is smooth not corrugated, corrugated fence panel holds it shape if rolled and will never sit flat on your rails.  Our fence panel has the same color on both sides of the aluminum.

Don't worry if you do not see the height you need, our fence panel is easily trimmed down to size.  See how to trim and replace your fence panel here https://fenceforpontoons.com/pages/replacing-fence-panel

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